1. Commissions

Are you open for commissions?

Sometimes! If you want to know if I currently take on commissions, shoot me an e-mail at commissions@pizzadragons.com. Or you can take a look at the commissions page in the shop and see if there are slots available.

What kind of content can I commission from you?

Generally, anything that’s people-, animal- or plant-related is what I’m most comfortable with, but I will draw most things if I’m ok with the subject matter. But I reserve the right to turn down a commission if it makes me feel uncomfortable or if it violates my boundaries. Also, I’m really really really bad at furry art so you might want to look for a different artist for that.

I will happily draw:

  • Anything up to an R or 16+ rating (including mild violence and gore), but you will have to confirm your age.
  • Fan art & OCs
  • Scenery (might charge extra depending on the level of detail)
  • Monsters
  • Robots
  • LGBTQ+ characters & ships
  • Artistic nudity, including trans nudity
  • Negotiable: Anything over an R or 16+ rating, but again you will have to confirm your age and I might turn down the commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

I will NEVER draw:

  • RPF ships
  • extreme violence
  • hateful or discriminatory imagery, speech and messages
  • hentai
  • extreme gore, vore
  • fetish art
  • abuse of any kind
Can I commission you for an animated clip since you’re an animator?

Depends. I’m a motion designer and therefore I’m most comfortable with animated explainers. But if you really want to commission an animated clip, take a look at my showreel first, and if you want something in a similar style, you can e-mail me.

2. Shipping

Why don’t you ship to my country?

Different countries have different shipping regulations and standards. If I don’t ship to your country it’s probably because I can’t meet those standards or I don’t have the right license. Sorry!

How long does it take for orders to arrive?

Everything in the store is shipped from Germany, so depending on where you live it might take between a few days and a few weeks. If you live outside of Europe, please be patient if the shipment takes longer than expected. If you select a tracked shipping method you will be able to track your order.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

Whenever it’s possible I try to reuse packaging and boxes that were sent to me (if they are still in good condition). This also lowers the packaging costs and therefore the final price of my products on this site! I try to avoid plastic packaging as much as possible (unless I already own it and it would just end up in the trash otherwise). But don’t worry, of course I always make sure that your order is safely packed and everything is well sealed! However, I am obviously not responsible for any damage that may occur during shipping.

Can I return something that I’ve bought?

You can take a look at the return policy in the terms & conditions to see if you can return your purchased item. Generally, custom made items (like commissions, for example) are exempt from this return policy.